Pet Appreciation Week runs from 6–12 June 2021 and offers pet owners the perfect excuse to help make our loving and loyal pets feel extra appreciated for all that they bring to our lives. Here are some ideas to make the most of the week with your pet!

Have a day out

Have a change of scenery for your daily walk and head to your local park or country park, or further afield to the beach or hilltops to stretch you and your dogs legs and make the most of the summer weather.

 Make homemade treats 

Whip up some lip-smacking pup or cat cakes for your pet using cupboard and animal-friendly ingredients. Your pet will love tasting something new and different.

Head to the groomers

Treat your pet to a shampoo and blow dry to freshen-up their look and get them summer-ready.

Go back to basics

There’s no time like the present to remind yourself of your breed’s likes, dislikes and requirements when it comes to food or grooming. Freshen up on your pet’s care – just click the link for a list of cat and dog breeds,

Arrange a play date

If your pet only exchanges glances with other animals from across the pavement, why not arrange a playdate with a dog that you know your furry companion will get on with and let them run off steam in the park together?