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Saying ‘goodbye’, letting go

Nose of sleeping Irish Setter dog.At Two By Two Veterinary Centre, we recognise that your pets are an integral part of your lives and your family. Recognising that it is time for saying ‘goodbye’ and letting go can be the most difficult part of having a pet. The loss of a much-loved pet, companion and friend can bring grief, upset and profound sense of loss, especially if unexpected. It’s important to realise that this intense emotional response during such a time is normal and often does get easier to bear with time.  It is for this reason, we would like to share details of the bereavement services available and offer our support to you when you feel it is the right time to say ‘goodbye’.

We will guide you through the potentially difficult decisions you may need to make whilst giving your pet the respect and dignity they deserve. It is only natural that you may want to delay the decision to put your pet to sleep, but ultimately your pet’s comfort and quality of life are paramount and you will receive sensitive and professional advice.

Two By Two Veterinary Centre is able to accommodate home visits for euthanasia on a non-emergency basis. On occasion, an emergency decision to euthanase a pet must be made by the attending veterinary surgeon on welfare grounds that means you are not able to be present. An example of this would be after a road traffic accident where the pet is presented by the driver and the owner is not contactable. Usually, in circumstances of this nature, you will still be able to have some time with your pet to say goodbye once contact has been made but after they have been put to sleep.

Bereavement Services

There are several options regarding your wishes for your pet’s remains after they have been put to sleep.

Individual Cremation

Your pet is cremated individually and their ashes returned to you in a biodegradable scattering tube, allowing you to decide how and where you wish to say ‘goodbye’. There are further memorial options provided at additional cost such as an attended cremation service, a range of caskets, urns and keepsakes. For a full list of options, please check the crematorium website.

Communal Cremation

Communal cremation ensures that all companion animals are given equal respect. Your pet is cremated with others and their ashes not returned to you.

Please ensure the veterinary surgeon or nurse is made aware at the time if you would like to keep your pet’s collar, lead or basket. If you have any other requests such as retaining some fur clippings or putting a favourite toy with your pet then that can also be arranged.

Home Burial

If you are considering burying your pet at home, please discuss this option with us.

External Support OrganisationsHomeless and ownerless sad dogs are kept in cages.

It can be of great help and comfort to talk with friends or relatives about how you are feeling and coping with the loss of your pet. There are organisations that provide confidential helplines that can assist you through this difficult time.

The Ralph Site

The Pet Bereavement Support Service T: 0800 096 6606 E:

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement