Our hearts melt when we see those cute wide-eyed kittens, but did you
know that within a few months, these little ones can actually produce
babies of their own? However, there is the option to neuter your kitten,
which has many health and social advantages for your pet.

A male cat (Tom) begins to mature at around 5 – 8 months old,
and starts to spray strong smelling urine to mark and protect their territory.
He will also roam in search of females in season, and on meeting other
male cats will fight, which can cause major bites, torn ears, deep scratches
and possible infection. There is the added risk of the potentially fatal
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (cat aids) and Feline Leukaemia Virus,
which can be transmitted via bites and scratches.

Neutering helps to:

● reduce roaming
● reduce spraying
● reduce aggression
● reduce fighting
● reduce injury
● limit the spread of fatal disease
● stop unwanted litters of kittens

The female cat (Queen) can begin their seasons and ‘call’ at
approximately 6 months old, so although still a kitten, she will probably
get pregnant! Seasons are every three weeks during the spring and
summer months. She is capable of 2/3 litters each year of her life, with
around 3/4 kittens (but can be more) in each litter. No sooner has she
delivered her babies, she will then begin another season and try to get
pregnant again! There is also the risk of fatal disease through close
contact with unvaccinated males.

Neutering will:

● end seasons and calling
● prevent pregnancies
● stop unwanted litters of kittens
● help limit the spread of disease
● prevent womb infection and mammary tumours

The Operation

Neutering is quite a routine procedure. Your pet will receive the best care possible here at our surgery. He or she will require an anaesthetic for the operation, and their breathing will be monitored throughout the procedure. A female cat needs a few stitches and to be kept indoors while the wound is healing. For a male there are no stitches, and he will generally be back to normal within a day or two, but it can take six weeks after the operation for the male to become infertile.

If you would like to book your kitten in for neutering please contact us. Prices are from £54.99 for a castrate and from £69.99 for a spay.